Full House

Went out and bought a new bed today.
King size Sealy…or Serta…something.
It’s a big comfy bed.
Both Tara and I really liked it, and in comparison to the others we tried, it was above everything.
OK, so it’s expensive. About three times what my last one cost me. But that was also a double. And kinda poopy.
Plus it comes with a frame, delivery and setup.

Now the problem. When Tara moves in, she’s bringing her bed. Which will then give us a King, a queen and two doubles.
I think what we’re going to do is ditch my double, and put the queen in the guest room, and the double in the basement.
That should work.
And hopefully by then, the basement will have more than one power outlet 🙂

Also, the guest room and the office are switching places.
When Tara moves in, she’ll want some space of her own(make sense to me, I have an office).
So I think we’ll combine her space and the guest room. Which is why the office is moving to the smaller room.
Still makes sense to me.

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