Fun with Stats

So the site has been running for just a little over a month, and right from the beginning I signed up for Google Analytics.

Guess I just like looking at stats 🙂

So here’s some fun stat stuff. Keep in mind that these are slightly skewed as it also counts me checking my own site.

I’ve had 200 visitors since April 1st, and of those 200:

1. Browsers

  • 99 are using IE
  • 83 are using FireFox
  • 10 on Safari
  • 7 on Chrome
  • and 1 using Opera

2. OSes

  • 175 on Windows
  • 11 on Linux
  • 8 on Macs
  • 5 on the iPod(I suspect most of these are my brother with his fancy shmancy iPod Touch(yes, partially jealous))

3. Screen Resolutions

  • Most are using 1280 x 1024
  • Next is 1680 x 1050(again, I suspect a lot of this is me)
  • in fact only one below 1024, and that’s 320 x 396

4. Visitor Locations

  • 189 from Canada (no great surprise)
  • 8 from the US(kinda surprised)
  • and 1 each from Spain, New Zealand and Hong Kong. I would say surprised/happy, but I also had three spam comments…so you know 😉

5. Referring Sites

6. Top google search phrases

  • “getting there japanese”
  • canadian sidekick
  • sidekick canada

It’s fun to see how many hits I’m getting and from where.

Traffic spiked on the 17th and the 24th.  I think this is when I started tweeting my updates into facebook. They were also double post days, so that could have done it as well.

So fun to watch. Maybe not for someone that’s not me, but I still cool that Google can log all of this 🙂


  1. ·

    Yes, well…

    I haven’t decided yet if I’d rather comment here than on LJ. Right now I’m leaning towards here.

    I suppose I could comment on Facebook, too…


  2. ·

    Yeah, Analytics is fun.

    If you haven’t played with the map overlay, give it a shot. It’ll take you into country, and you can get down to the city level from there (not that geoip stuff is super accurate a lot of the time).

    There’s also a site overlay, that will show click paths which is kind of cool…

    I like being able to compare stats periods. Kind of nice for a visual representation of how the current month/year stacks up against the last.

    Exporting reports to PDF is also pretty cool…

    (You should try Google Webmaster Tools too. It’s theoretically the same data, but some different functionality, etc. You can get the Tools at…)


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