I have no idea what to write about, and yet I feel the need to write about something.

At work, I’ve fallen into the trap of “haven’t done any real work in so long, now that I have some, I don’t want to do it”.
I hate that trap, and I know I’m in it, yet I can’t get myself out of it, and I’m bored!
Slow in the head comes to mind.
At one point I resolved to do something about it, decided to look up this scripting thing, and was completed in 5 minutes!
Now what!?!

Went and saw The Fountain last night. I suppose it’s a good date movie. She liked it.
I liked it, but it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. And that’s odd because I had no idea what it was going to be like.

This weekend the Christmas lights are going up.
I’ll buy them tomorrow and put them up Sunday(should be warmer then).
Other than that, I’m planless for the weekend.

I want to do neat and strange things to the office at home.
And I want to spend no cash doing it.
I already have a second monitor set up, and it’s raised(I don’t know why), but it’s on a box.
I want to change that box to a milk crate.
To put things in of course!
Don’t know what yet, but things.
I wouldn’t mind a third monitor, but I don’t know why. Symmetry?
I don’t have a third monitor.
Well, I do, but it’s “on loan” in a permanent sorta way. Again, not really concerned.

Oh, and , it is now Friday. Rejoice!

Other than the above mentioned, there’s no movies out that I want to watch, so I’m left with rentals.
Pulse is supposed to be pretty good.
Actually, I should rent The Descent. I’ve been told by a few that I would enjoy it.
And I’ll round it off with An Evening with Kevin Smith 2: Evening Harder. Because he is a funny funny man.
In fact, he’s funnier than all of his movies combined.
That’s some serious funny.

The Descent isn’t out yet…maybe I’m thinking of The Cave?
Who knows?

20 more minutes to home time.

I should go get me some winter boots. Something other than docs.
And maybe some replacement runners. They’re handy to have.

I’m going to try and borrow Dougs PS2 and buy Guitar Hero, or Guitar Hero 2.
I played it in Bracebridge, and it rocked!
But I don’t want to buy a PS2 for one game.
Hell, the game is almost $100 to begin with!
You know, the first one has a better track listing…maybe I’ll stick with it.

Work has forced my hand about buying a laptop, they want all the old ones that I have back.
Crappy, but understandable. It’s their stuff after all.
I might wander into the Dell store to see if they’ll give me a deal. I can pull the employee discount card to force the issue maybe.
Or, I’ll be a sucker and just end up paying more.
Any guesses? 😛


  1. flying_squirrel

    On the one hand, PS2s are really cheap now, so why not?

    There’s more than just the one game out there. Katamari Damacy, for example, is the awesomest of awesome. And I think you’d get a kick out of Robot Alchemic Drive, even if it isn’t the most fantastic game in the world. Just the concept is awesome. Then there’s the Grand Theft Autos. And so forth.

    On the other hand, there probably aren’t going to be that many cool new PS2 games in the future. So what you see is what you get.

    I’m still bitter that I’ve spent something like $700 on two PS2s, and they’re both busted. Not a huge incentive to throw more money on the fire.

  2. sidekickca

    Holy Crap!
    I didn’t actually realize how cheap they were.
    I was looking at used sections, and they were going for $200/average, yet I can go to FutureShop and drop $130 for them.

    Now they’re affordable!
    Crap Crap Crap!

  3. thinkschematwo

    It is Friday!

    (This is my second post as the first one failed… pretty indicative of today… I’m going to go play Double Dash with Thomas…)

  4. olletho

    I love guitar hero, I suck donkey cock at it but there a part of my mind that rests happy knowing B would be even worse.

    Just as well that I don’t have a PS2 though… still thinking of getting to know the friends who do have it better so I can play it again.


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