Went out and picked up a couple of games for the Helloween party.
Trivial Pursuit 80’s Edition and Flux.
I was looking for Flux for a few months(well, not that hard) and finally found it at the Comic Book Shoppe.

Not much else to report tonight.
Watching a Heroes marathon. I’ve seen them all before, but since they’re running one so soon, I hope this means that the show is picking up and not on the verge of death.
Well, it’s been signed on for a full season, so at least we’ll get one.
I’d rather one than none.


  1. packetfire

    …or did the marathon start off with Ep.2? That was the only one I hadn’t seen out of the ones they showed. Is ep 1 the pilot? I haven’t seen that yet.

  2. sidekickca

    I think they did, which is pretty stupid.
    Let me burn the pilot for you.
    Not that it’ll show you anything you don’t already know.
    I think.
    I can’t remember ep2, did they show the hot chick kill the guys in her garage?


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