GaoGaiGar Final

Got some more DVDs in the mail yesterday, or was that Monday?
They consisted of GaoGaiGar Final 1-8(yea, more anime) and Battle Royal!
Another movie with Beat Takeshi! And I didn’t even know he was in it before hand!I had previously purchased GaoGaiGar Final 1-5 on DVD a few months ago. I decided to get another copy to see if it was better than the first one I got. You see, in ep 3 of the first disk, it seems to cut out about 10 minutes of the episode. Not good. A lot can happen in 10 minutes in GGG. So I watched the third episode of the new disk, and there was no cut!
And let me tell you, those 10 minutes were WORTH the $11.50US that I paid for it!So all in all a good week. Except for work I guess. Not that it’s been terribly bad, but it’s hitting this crunch time and it’s a bit of a mess. Mind you, something that I thought didn’t work actually works(much to the surprise of the dev team) and all is good. Mind you, something that needs to work by Monday doesn’t as of yet. But that could all change tomorrow.AND I GOT MY RING!
Yup, custom made for my chubby little finger. Actually, it’s made in such a way that it fits most of my fingers, which is good because I meant to have it for my middle finger, and got my ring finger measured. But it all works!
And it’s sweet!
You could really hurt someone with it!
I think I might have a pic around(not of this ring, but of a ring that looks a lot like it) and I’ll try and scan and post it.Anyway, off to bed. Have to drop off the car tomorrow morning to get the shields replenished.Enjoy!

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