So, here’s a little question:
Some fans of City of Heroes have made an online radio station, Paragon City Radio, of which the DJs are all players on City of Heroes and they all do their little DJ thing while playing the game.
They’ll be holding open auditions on Saturday morning.

Should I try out?

When I heard about the concept, I thought, Hey, that would be cool. Then I heard the people they actually got to be DJs, and I thought, Hell, I’m sure I cold do better than that.
So I’ve been thinking about it all week(as long as I’ve known about it really) and all of a sudden they open a slot.

Should I take my geekiness to the next level?
Should I leave well enough alone?
I have till 11am tomorrow morning to decide.

Trick is, I get nervious with this sort of stuff…soooooo…..

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