Getting my Bling On!

Life is funny.

I’ll try and do this post mostly in the way I was thinking about it.
We’ll see how it goes.

There was a time when I would shake my head at friends that would swoon all over their cars. They would know every little in and out, they would know every scratch and all the little things that go into their car. They would get worried when people parked to close or for that matter walked to close.
They would worry if they parked over night if people would drop little things in through the window (don’t fully understand this one yet, but I guess it happened enough in the past to make it a legit worry).
They would gab on and on about the mods and attachments that they wanted to get. Not performance increases mind, just appearance.
They always seemed to walk the fine line between a nice improvement and something totally gaudy.
I never understood it. And that’s exactly what I was telling myself as I looked down at the clock and realized that I had been searching for car parts for FOUR hours!
And it’s not like my car is busted and I need these parts to fix it.
Nope, enhancements.
Purly cosmetic.
I had become one of them. And ya know it wasn’t so bad.
I was looking for light replacements, not to make them brighter (which I want), nope, they would be the same but have Foglights! Just like the Euro editions. Then I would get the Euro light selector switch. Then I was thinking that I could change the grill a little bit, get some stickers for the tail lights, change the gauges to white face, maybe add some interior lights, change the colour of the interior lights, and some other random stuff that seemed really COOL at the time.
Problem is, it still seems cool.
I should also point out that I don’t even have a sports car.
I have a VW.
Four Door.
91 Hp.
I too was walking that fine line between style and rice.

It’s unfortunate, but I had more. Seems I should really get that voice recorder, probably a cheap one from FutureShop.

Anyway, a lot of this became laughable as soon as I walked into the Silver Snail and immediately picked up; 2 monk Stikfas, 2 Omega Stikfas and three issues of HobbyJapen, a magazine that I can’t even read.

Life; glad there’s only one; all this twisting and turning could make one sick.

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