Ghost Rider

What can I say; It looked nice.

But sadly that’s really all there was to it.
I didn’t expect the movie to be great, but I did expect it to be better than it was.

Reading the reviews online, it sounded like it was going to be a bit campy, not overly serious, but a fun ride.
It was none of that I’m afraid.

The movie lacked both good writing and good direction. Not surprising was that it was the same person doing both.
He obviously can’t do either, why do both?
Let’s have a look at his past shall we?
Well, he wrote Electra, Daredevil, which comes really as no surprise, but he also wrote Grumpy Old Men.
Maybe he just can’t write comic heroes?
But his last directing job was Daredevil, and I can actually see that in Ghost Rider.
There was a lack of something, and you just couldn’t put your finger on it.

Anyway, enough about him, let’s see what else failed.
Nick Cage can do great dramatic stuff, he just can’t do camp/comedy. He doesn’t have the timing for it. And unfortunately this movie tried for camp(it failed mind you, but it did try).

Eva Mendes was hired for two(or three) great assets, sadly none of them were acting. But they were fine assets.

What the movie really needed was more Ghost Rider and less, well, everything else.

And the bike wasn’t anything special.
I was partial to the newer 90’s Ghost Rider bike, and even the older chopper of the 70’s Ghost Rider was a bit better then the newish metal whatever that the new bike was.
But that’s just me.

This was another problem, they tried to combine bits and pieces of both series into this movie.
Really, they should have stuck to one or the other, or thrown it all out and started from scratch. That might not have worked, but it would have been better than this.

Yea, I guess I’m disappointed with the movie. I don’t know, I guess there was the vain hope that it would have been really really good, but it just fell really flat.
As said, “it just wasn’t up to the standards of the other Marvel films”.
Mind you, he hasn’t seen Electra yet 😛


  1. briar_rose2

    Well I haven’t seen it (I was working!), but I got the feeling that it wasn’t going to be that great. I think that Nick Cage was upset that he wasn’t going to be Superman after all, and this was as close as he was going to get. Did you know that he is going to be in a live action Sorcerer’s Apprentice? How is it even possible to have a whole movie about that? And with him? I imagine that Ghost-Rider will be better!

  2. sidekickca

    That’s entirely possible.
    I had a really good feeling that it would be mostly awful, but I had hoped.

    A live action Sorcerer’s Apprentice?

    No wait, it’s the perfect role for him; there’s no speaking!

  3. scottdkp

    Frankly, all those bikes pretty much sucked. 🙁


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