Ghosts of Christmas past

Actually, all past.
Tonight I was convinced into seeing 2 Fast 2 Whatever. Not the wisest of decisions by any stretch of the imagination, but what’s done is done.
That last statement can be applied to a lot of things that happened tonight.
But first, a quick history lesson:
During highschool I went out with one girl and one girl only. Now, I went out with her for about 2 years and finally broke up with her during college. The last year of the relationship, which I suppose is half, was a little rocky. Things would go well, then blow up, then go well again after a time. I suppose that’s the nature of highschool relationships, so it’s nothing out of the ordinary.
Well, I haven’t seen her for about…oh….seven years.
But yet again, I’m getting ahead of myself.
A few weeks ago I had an interesting encounter with someone else I knew in highschool, and actually ran into a few times since then and all was good. But that night, at the Tim’s, something odd happened.
One of the people I was with sorta recognized him, so I slowly turned around, mentioned his name(a little too loudly) and he noticed me. He then called out my name. The NORMAL response would be to say something like:’Hey, how goes?’ And sorta leave it at that. But no. That’s not the path that I chose.
I slowly turned around and ignored him. Not because I didn’t like him, no, some small part of my brain(again, technically half) panicked, couldn’t think of something USEFUL to say, so I ignored him.
What made it worse was that because of that, every one at the table I was with began to laugh. I don’t know what he was thinking, but I’m sure it wasn’t good!
Anyway, suffice to say I was dreading meeting him again in case I had to explain myself.I saw them both at the movies tonight.
And they both saw me.
And they both came up to talk to me.
It’s not something that I want to repeat.Now, people might think me a snob or something, but there’s a certain part of my life that I just want to forget and get over.
Half of the people I ran into tonight reminded me of that.
But, because I’m a grown man that can deal with the stupid parts of his past, I had coffee with my ex. But I had backup. Fat backup, but backup none the less. He didn’t want to have coffee, but I had sorta talked my way into it. So that was my evening. In four short hours, I saw the dumbest movie ever(or at least in the top ten), ran into someone I accidently made fun of(but that turned out ok) and ran into and had coffee with my ex.I have to move away. Far away.


  1. SideKick

    It’s funny that Tyrese and Fat Backup have the same IP address ^_^
    But I suppose, of all the bad movies I’ve seen, 2F2F wasn’t all that bad.It could have been much worse.I could have paid twice as much for it!
    Christmas presents rock ^_^Especially warm ones….

  2. mailmeyouwon'aelfric of Dagobah

    Come to the dark side! Toronto beckons. Okay, so it’s not THAT far away, but it’s… here…I have to give the final marks today. Calculated them for my 10s and Norah pointed out that they have an 80 average. Guess I went a little buck-wild on the bonus marks. I’ll have to slice that down a bit… can’t be too nice.Oh I wish I were asleep. But no. There’s work.Toronto beckons the Sidekick…

  3. Darcy

    2 Fast 2 Furious was a masterpiece of bad cinema. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    My sympathies; I’ve sorta been there. To a lesser degree, probably. Personally, I prefer Christmas presents.


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