Go fly a kite

The act of this is a lot easier said than done.

Tara and I took advantage of the lovely day to go down to the farmers market and then spend the afternoon in the park.

I’ve never been to the Ottawa farmers market, and as Tara said, I wish we ate more produce because the stuff on sale looked amazing. And I’m sure it would have tasted even better.

The best I can do with most produce is put them in a salad, but I’m not sure if it’s doing them justice.

Also, one of Tara’s friends had a booth where she was selling a ton of home made things like Guiness Cheese Bread.

She took three of my favorite things and made a fourth favorite thing 🙂

Previous to our afternoon in the park, Tara went out and bought us a kite. I haven’t flown one in years, and I can’t remember why I mentioned it one day, but I did and she went out and got me one. She’s soooo awesome 🙂

After some minor assembly, we had it ready. This was one of those trick kites where there were two lines attached and you could get it to bob and weave and all that fun stuff.

But the only trick that I wanted to do was get it off the ground. Tara and I tried and tried and tried. We even re-rigged it so that it was a single string and there I was running up and down the park trying to get this thing to fly.
Tara even tried it and without much luck. Seems the kite gods were not on our side that day 🙁

After giving up on kite flying(at least for that day) we tried this Monopoly card game. The rules made it sound a little complicated, but it was pretty easy and is rather fun.

It’s a nice little portable game that gives you the general feel of Monopoly but without all the little bits to loose.

Then we napped in the sun. I was hoping that I was more in the shade, but I wasn’t. I got a little sun, but nothing too bad.

Overall, it was a wonderful little afternoon 🙂


  1. Scott

    Sounds like a good day 🙂 We we’re chasing cows at the Agricultural Museum with Alice this weekend… good times 🙂


  2. ·


    Sounds like a good day, despite the kiting.

    Guinness cheese bread… Ah, that could be interesting.


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