Godzilla, I will miss thee

I watched Godzilla:Final Wars over the weekend.
It was downloaded and un-subbed, but it was so awesome that it made me sad afterward knowing that it will be the last Godzilla for a good long while.
But as a farewell to the series, it was an action packed blow-out that few people will forget.
The movie included no less than 13 different monsters including the “other” Godzilla and Jr.
Yes, Jr is in the movie as well. No real reason why, but I suppose it wouldn’t be the same without him.

I think the strangest part, for me at least, was the battle between the “other” Godzilla, Godzilla, in Sydney while Sum 41 is playing the background.
Sadly, the fight doesn’t last long as the “other” gets pasted.

It was so awesome to see all the monsters on the screen, all fighting, all getting their collective asses kicked.
The only monster that wasn’t there, that of course I wanted to see, was MechaGodzilla.
Too bad really, but with the way the story was going, it might have been a little hard to write him in.

This movie decided to update the looks of all the monsters, and with the exception of Jr, they all looked dark and mean and something to actually be afraid of!
You can’t make Jr look mean, it’s just not possible.
Him and the Mothera twins, can’t make them look mean.

This movie is just loaded with action. See, most Godzilla movies have slow plot times where they just kinda dredge on.
Not Final Wars. If the monsters weren’t duking it out, then the people were. It gave a strange impression of Godzilla meets the Power Ranges. But it was all good.
Good and cheesy, just the way I like it.

It’s too bad that the next Godzilla film isn’t likely appear until I’m 40(how sad is that!) but on the bright side, I might have enough money then to go see the premiere in Japan!
That would rock!


  1. flying_squirrel

    I should really watch more of the modern Godzilla movies.

    They had the Raymond Burr version of the original movie on CBC the other night. Which was weird (GO, LOCK OUT! 😛 ), but I realized I’d never actually seen the original original. I should watch that, too, because while the edited version surprisingly does a pretty good job, I’m sure the original is awesomer.

  2. sidekickca

    I think the trick here is finding the original to watch.
    And if you know where to get it, let me know ^_^

    I’ve been browsing Amazon and they seem to be well stocked in Godzilla DVDs. Maybe when I have copious amounts of spare money I’ll go pick them all up.

    I have all the Godzilla films since 1985, but either on VHS or VCD.
    Well, all the real Godzilla films ^_^


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