‘Good, Bad, I’m the guy with the Gun.’

That was the line that informed me, of the billion different versions of Army of Darkness that are currently available on DVD, the one that I purchased was a good one.
The latest offering, Boomstick Edition, is a two disk set that has the original theatrical version on one disk(with an optional different ending) and the Directors Cut on the second disk. The second disk also has a running commentary with Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi and Ivan Raimi. That should be a blast to listen to.
I just watched the original version, and overall the picture quality was great and as always, I enjoyed it completly!
They don’t make movies like this anymore, at least not on purpose!Also, did my taxes back, and Visa is gonna get a good chunk of change!I also worked for four hours today to try and test some stuff before Monday.And I had to drive my parents back from Barhaven(out in the middle of no where) in a really bad storm. That was a lot of….fun. At least they wern’t doing the back-seat-driver thing. I hate that, I really really do. Directions are one thing, telling me how to drive…nope.


  1. aelfric ferrarri

    Careful with the brakes, we’re coming up to a turn – oh, watch that pedestrian – shouldn’t you be in second gear for this hill?I thought you could use some, just in case you only thought you hated back seat drivers ;-)B.

  2. Olletho

    just dropped B off at the airport.
    Two weeks by myself.


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