Green Tea

The world of physics has always fascinated me.
And just recently theoretical physics has just rocked.
But how does this relate to green tea?
Well, let me try to explain.

See, the universe is really made up of tiny blocks, and these tiny blocks are made up of smaller blocks.
Let’s see:
Elements made up of matter
Matter made up of molecules
Molecules made up of atoms
Atoms made up of Electrons, Neutrons and Protons
Those are made up of quarks(can’t remember the types)
And finally, quarks are made up of strings.

Strings are funny things.
See, they actually exist in different dimensions. There’s your clockwise turning string and the counter clockwise string.
And they have to be pared(I guess so they don’t get lonely).
But, they can’t exist in the same dimension, at the same time, so one exists in the 4th dimension, and the other in the 6th.
At least it’s not the 8th, we all know what happens there.
And that adds up to 10 dimensions, which might be important, but I can’t remember how.

Not only are strings spinning, they are vibrating. But they vibrate at different rates, and the different rates make different quarks, and that just goes up the chain.
So, the most important thing in the universe are strings.
They make everything else possible, yet they don’t even exist in our dimension.
And because of that, they can shift dimensions, and they can cause other things to shift dimensions.
This is called quantum mechanics.

That’s neat too.

So here we have these strings that are in different dimensions than us, and they continue to shift dimensions at pretty random intervals.
So, why don’t the rest of us do this?
Well, we do.
But we just don’t know it.
See, there are a lot of universes, and for the most part they’re all the same.
See, every time you do something, there’s the possibility that you were to do something else, and that other possible you now exists in a different universe.
Neat eh?
So here we have these unlimited possible you’s (and a couple of me’s) all doing things just slightly different than the real you(and maybe me).
These other us(there, that’s better) and as well as us are constantly shifting into each others universes.
But these other universes are just like ours, well, about 99.999999999999% the same.
Before you start to panic, this shift doesn’t last long. And you always end up in the same universe you started in.
Excellent question.
It’s called entanglement.
Basically it means that particles in the same universe stick together.
And by that I mean like birds of a feather, not so much like glue.

Anyway, because of entanglement you always come home.

Green Tea? Getting to it.

The great thing about green tea is that it has these free radical strings.
What they allow is for you to actually keep parts of your constantly shifting self in a different universe.
Why is this cool?
Well, the bits that they let you leave behind are fatty cells.
Why fatty cells?
That I’m a little unsure of. It’s some math thing that I don’t think you’re ready for.
But these fatty cells end up in another you. That’s the rub.
Well, not the rub for you, but for another you.

So in a nutshell, it works like this:
The more green tea I drink, the fatter some other me gets.
God, I bet he really hates me.


  1. olletho

    Russian judge gives this post 9.5!

  2. thinkschematwo

    I’ll second that…

    Now if I can only get the other me’s to lay off the Green Tea…

  3. sidekickca

    Yea, forgot to mention that.
    It does kinda work both ways ^_^

  4. packetfire

    A bit late to the party here… Just getting caught up.

    Anyways, I drink a fair amount of green tea, but I’m thinking that there must be a me somewhere/when else that’s drinking green tea from a firehose or something.

  5. sidekickca

    You are so late.
    Like all the way last week late.
    Where have you been?


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