Finally got around to seeing this.

Quick impressions:
Planet Terror – Rocked
Death Proof – Sucked

Now, a little more detail.

GrindHouse, for those that don’t know, is split up into two films(with wicked trailers); Planet Terror and Death Proof.

Planet Terror:
Written and Directed by Robert Rodriguez. I like his work. If his name is attached, it’s an automatic draw for me. Mind you, I haven’t seen the Spy Kids movies yet. But I will.
He got it. He knew what he was making, and he did it.
He was making a C movie, something that would only be shown in a drive-in. On cheap night, the one-price-per-car night.
It was gory, stupid and really really corny.
And you could tell he had fun making it. You don’t make something like that and not have fun.
This alone made it worth the ticket price, and it’s also the footage they used for ALL of the trailers. With one exception.

Death Proof:
Written and Directed by Quentin Tarantino. And you can tell. It was an 80 minute movie with 65 minutes of PURE DIALOGUE!
He missed it.
He made one of his movies, and threw in some choppy cuts, random image problems and the like.
And half-way he gave up on that!
It’s a real shame that everyone in Hollywood thinks this guy is “soooo cool” because they keep giving him work.
And yea, I’ve seen all his stuff 😛
But I shouldn’t be too hard on him.
He is pretty good at over the top action gore. I think that’s why I see his movies.
But there wasn’t nearly enough of that in this little outing.
Mind you, there was Kurt Russell, and he had this one wicked scene. I won’t spoil it, but when you watch it, you’ll know 😀

The trailers are great too. Pure b-movie schlock. I actually want to see them!

Anyway. Go see it(them, whatever).
It’s a two for one, which is always good. All in all it’s worth seeing on the big screen.
At least half of it 😛

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