Grog Dog the Movie

I’ve uploaded the groggy dog movie to my Gallery:

When you click on it, it’ll ask you to save it(I hope) but without an extension.
It’s 3.1 megs, it’s an avi, more specifically I think it’s xvid(although on the video it has the divx watermark).
I’ve been trying to upload it to YouTube or Google, but they’re being pains right now.



  1. packetfire

    Where do you find these unplayable codecs?! Do you collect them?

    I’ll try it at home, maybe MPlayer will handle the video. Stupid work, with stupid Windows…

  2. sidekickca

    Divx and Xvid are two of the most popular online codecs 😛
    It is you who is the suck!

    Mplayer will assuming you’ve installed all the “restricted” formats that Ubuntu doesn’t install.

  3. packetfire

    It Works!! Woot!

    Funny Grog. 😉

  4. briar_rose2

    That’s so funny. Poor doggie. I remember when we had Dodger and Rambo fixed at the same time. We had 2 100lbs doggies wandering around the house stoned out of their minds. It was so funny. If they wanted to lay down, they’d just fall over.


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