I get a call from work, it turns out I’m going to China afterall.
Like they couldn’t tell me Friday or something?
Now I have to figure out what to do with the dog for a week. And it also means no Japan, since i can leave the dog for a week(probably 10 days) but not half a month.
But you know, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. This way I can plan for the trip, and get everything done in two years.
Yea, that’s my plan. It was going to be five, but I honestly can’t plan that far in advance, and I would forget/radically change things in that length of time, but two years I think is doable.
Sure, it’ll cost a fortune, but what a way to go into debt ^_^

Except that, to go in Business class, it’ll cost me $10000(roughly).
That’s a lot of cash.
It’ll cost me $256/pay to save $20000 in three years, yet if I go economy(ugh) I can save the same for the flight/spending/hotel in 2 years with $250/pay.
Still, that’s a lot of money per pay…and 20 hours in economy…

I almost wonder if it’s worth getting a second job, but I’ve thought that before, and still only have the one job ^_^

I have a few years to figure this out I guess.

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