So I’m sitting at work, waiting for people to call/email, when my mind wanders to thoughts of Guyver.
I think most would know by now that they’re going to remake the classic series, and the stills that I’ve seen look rather nice.
I like that they’ve kept the old style monsters, wouldn’t be the same otherwise ^_^
You can see it here.

Then, I ran across this, and I must own it!
Not even sure what I would do with it, or if it would work with my PDA, but how could I not get it!


  1. thinkschematwo

    Cool on both counts!

    I remember watching thst stuff!

    (Nothing like falling face first into alien bio-armor! 🙂 )

    The oddly abrupt expletives were fun too! 🙂

  2. sidekickca

    It’s such a classic series. I’m glad I picked it up on DVD finally. Rather cheap if I remember.

    After the Guyver weekend, did we end up watching the live action one?
    Was is as bad as I remember?

  3. thinkschematwo

    Yes, I do remember watching the live action version, though I think it was later for some reason (who could forget Mark Hamill and Jimmie Walker!).

    On the other hand, I can’t really remember if it was as bad as you remember… I do seem to think that it was pretty iffy as solid entertainment, but not horrible enough that we didn’t make it through it (if I recall correctly).


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