hacky cell phone

So I picked myself up a Nokia 6275i and I’ll be switching phone provides to PC mobile.
It’s all run by Bell anyway, so I know the coverage is good.
For about $23/month, I’ll have 75 minutes talk, unlimited web browsing, and 30 text messages.
Mind you, with the browsing, the text might not really be needed.

Anyway, being Nokia, they’re all hackable and the like. You just need the right software, and I have that.
Also, the data cable should be coming in today, so I can get started with it 🙂

Apparently there’s an internal GPS on the phone, just not sure how accurate it might be. But with Google Maps Mobile, it could be really cool 🙂
I’ve never had a phone with real apps made for it, this could be the most fun with a phone that I’ve ever had!

I think I need help…

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