Happy Birthday to me!

Thanks to you all for sending warm birthday wishes, either here or via facebook(and in the case of one, by phone!).

It was a great time here. Doug/Gail, Scott/Jen and Jim/Steph showed up and we played Mario Party 8 all night long.
The weather held enough to do the BBQ, so I’m thankful for that.
We had enough chips to keep everyone fed if we had to.

For the first time in my life I got some Sea Monkeys! I can’t wait to open those little suckers up and see what they’re really like.
I suspect disappointment, but hey, they’re Sea Monkeys!

So again, thanks to all that were able to make it.

And a special thanks to Tara for calling everyone and getting things organized!

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  1. thinkschematwo


    Sea monkeys!

    (Robin has some…)

    Don’t be alarmed if the population appears to die out… Well, within reason.. Robin was down to a single sea monkey, and now she’s back up to 5 or 6 or something. A single colony is supposed to be self-sustaining for about 2 years.

    (Then again, just about everything you give them purportedly contains more sea monkey eggs… So that could have something to do with it too…)


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