Having Drunk too much….

And I know I shouldn’t go to sleep just yet.
But I can’t help think that I really really should.
Iron Maiden always helps in these situations. It makes me think that at people older than my parents are living the heavy metal lifestyle. This makes me happy.
I really should look harder for a job. That, and I forgot to buy a lottery ticket for tonight. But that’s OK, no one won for tonight and that means I have a shot for 15 Million…..right.
I watched a really dumb hippy movie tonight called Alices Kitchen. I have a feeling that the only reason that I watched it because there was no free porn on TV….free porn is a must.
Tomorrow(or later today) I’ll be heading off to Computer Books for Less….Ben needs books….cheap ones at that. Then it’s off to Business Depot for pocket protectors…Ben is turning into a geek….rapidly…
Only a few more days in the house…this makes me sad…and rather busy when it comes right down to it. Too much crap to move, but less crap than before…
OK, able to sleep now….later…


  1. Olletho

    Surely that was Alice’s Resturant… well now I know what Ben was upto without me.


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