Hello NaBloPoMo, we meet again

Ah yes, November.

The weather is turning cooler, the leaves have all but fallen off the trees, something about daylight savings, and NaBloPoMo, where I try to revive my blogging habits.

I was really good at this one year, and then the rest have been less than steller.

But this year I am armed with some good ideas, some new tools to help me flesh those out, and lots of…stuff. That last one just kinda came off the rails.

The rest will be better. I haven’t been really happy with past posts, and I think the first few this month will be less than super, but it’ll get better, I promise.

So stay tuned, and if you want, you can sign up for DropBox and it’ll give me more space(and you as well).

Just use this link: http://db.tt/gKvFhsK

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