Helloween night

Since Tara is reading for an exam, I’ll be on my own for Helloween night.
Much like last year.

I have my candy bought, both decorations up, and I’m ready for kids.

It’s rockets, but that’s fine. And cheap.

I think I’ll watch The Host and Return of Godzilla(AKA Godzilla 1985) tonight.

Other than that, I’ll be trying NOT to eat candy. It helps that I bought stuff I’m not overly interested in. I think that’s key here 🙂

What are all you doing?


  1. olletho

    apparently failing to find the cables to hook up the dvd player. :p

  2. anonymous

    Watching the G-D kids run from house to house, collecting candy, while I listen to Snow Crash on my pocket pc.

    Tonight, the inspecting, and the Parent Tax, wherein we take our cut for services rendered (costumeing, make-up, delivery to the trick or treat area, escort, ‘protection’ from other kids trying to steal their candy, and so on.)

    –Centurion, already snagged some sweet tarts. MmmMmmMMMMmmmMMMMM sweet tarts.


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