It’s Halloween night, and it’s gonna be a screwed up evening.
I have a conf call at 5(ugh) and that should be an hour.
Then I have to walk the dog, and that takes an hour(ish).
So it’s 7 before I even start making dinner.
Then I want to bike an hour after I eat, so it’s looking like 8:30 at the very earliest.
Then there’s the kids that are gonna demand candy.
I think this is a night for ordering out.

I have no idea how many kids I’ll get. I have $15 worth of rockets, and if you know rockets, that should be enough to feed the whole city.

I’ll try to remember to post the 4 pics I have from the party tonight.

I want there to be more work.
I’m kinda bored here. Trying to keep myself busy, productive even, but it’s an uphill battle.

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