High Speed

Got the Rogers cable modem in yesterday.

Did a speed test, and I went from 2.5 to 6.9. Nice 🙂
The upload is a little slower, but not by any great amount. It was never that good to begin with.

However, Rogers is also throttling torrent bandwidth, and apparently encrypted bandwidth(which just seems like a bad idea).

Not sure if I’ve really noticed that part, but I don’t do a ton of downloading that way anymore.
It would have affected me a few years ago, but not so much now.

What I did notice was that, when I’m on the phone and surfing, there’s no dropped voice. That’s nice 🙂


  1. thinkschematwo



    (I still haven’t pushed things on Cogeco… I was checking out using speedtest.net… I’m up from about 5 to 9.5 tonight, so that’s about as good as it’s going to get from end… Still way better than under 3…)

  2. packetfire

    Do you use VPN for work? (Wedding) Dave is having trouble with his Rogers connection throttling down IPSEC and SSL VPN traffic to such an extent that it’s almost unusable.

    At least he thinks its their throttling.

    Maybe the Internets just hate him.

  3. anonymous

    Hey man,

    If you’re on VoIP, and you can do any sort of Internet activity that causes your VoIP to drop, you don’t have your router configured proper like. 🙂

    –Centurion, a man for all seasons.

  4. sidekickca

    I know that they’re also filtering/throttling encrypted traffic to get around people encrypting their torrent traffic.

    It’s been around for awhile now, but that shouldn’t affect VPNs should it?
    Mind you, I know bupkiss about networks.

    Yea, my total torrent speed seems to max out at 100k, but not for long 🙁

    Oh well, there are other ways to get things.

  5. packetfire

    I expect it would depend on the VPN you’re using. It should be easy enough to differentiate IPSEC traffic from encrypted TCP / UDP since they’re different protocols. That being said some VPN implementations encapsulate IPSEC in TCP or UDP. I know we were encapsulating IPSEC in UDP at one of my earlier jobs.

    I suspect with SSL VPN that you’re SOL though – it probably looks very similar to encrypted bittorrent traffic or most other TCP/IP based encrypted traffic for that matter.


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