Hole digging day!

Since the co-op housing behind me removed their fence, I’ve had this problem.
Actually, the problem was that I didn’t have a fenced in yard anymore.
This was really an annoyance as I have a dog that rather likes a fenced in yard.
Actually, I like having a fenced in yard so that I can just let the dog out.

Anyway, I invited and over to help me dig some holes for posts.
This time I was a little smarter and snagged a two man auger.
I would have done this the first time, but since the fence line was so close to the hedge, it really wouldn’t have worked.

It really made quick work of digging holes. I think it took us about an hour tops.
Sure, it’s not exactly a straight line, but I really didn’t care.
Only hit a couple of rocks, and we made short work of them.

Next was the cement. The quick dry stuff is sold in 30kg bags. These are not large bags, so they’re just really dense.
Luckily, ‘s car was able to take the strain.
I’m sure mine would have, but just wouldn’t have liked it.

With the quick stuff, all you have to do is add water, mix, and pour.
Well, we didn’t have a mixing container, so we just poured the stuff in, added water, and mixed.
That’s not really an easy task. Sure, all you need is a string stick, and I used a BBQ tool, so that worked.
But it’s hard on the arm. Once mixed with water, this is dense stuff.
And this stuff didn’t set as quickly as the other stuff.
But, this stuff was free(as in beer).

This process took longer than actually digging the holes, which was in stark contrast to the last time.
We took a lunch break in the middle, and Tara made up some great sandwiches, set out drinks, and gave us cookies and cheese!
She’s awesome(like a 100 billion hotdogs).

After lunch and beer, we finished up the remaining holes.
All in all, the posts look alright. Sure, they’re not in a straight line, but the tops look evenish.
And in the spring I’m gonna buy some hedges anyway, so in a year or so no one will actually see the fence.

I’m going to give the cement a few days to set as the weather is rather cold.
I wouldn’t want to put any stress on the poles only to have them shift.
That would stuck.

So, tomorrow, I sleep in.
I hope 🙂

So what did you do with your Saturday?

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