Holy HDD Batman!

Sitting in front of me are 10 hard drives.
They range in size from 2.5 gigs to 300 gigs.
Only one(300) is SATA, the rest are just ATA.

This is what happens when you don’t throw anything out.

But since most of them work, I’m thinking file server or linux box.
Or both!

Wanted to do a linux box anyway 🙂


  1. packetfire

    > Wanted to do a linux box anyway 🙂

    Hey that’s a new concept!.. While you’re at it, we should do an application that allows you to keep a synchronized community directory (like DNS but more limited)with other people, it can be used for backup, file transfer, etc. We should call it “Mo.”… 😉

  2. anonymous

    For that application (lots of random drives of unknown quality) grab a copy of Solaris, and use zfs with zpools and zraid.
    –Centurion, don’t fear the reaper, unless it’s the harddrive reaper, in which case your backups won’t be usable and you never tested them anyway, you lazy bastard


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