Holy Raw Fish Batman!

Since I found the local sushi place last night, I had to have it for dinner tonight.
It’s one of those places where they have the sushi on model trains that circle the bar. But you can also order a-la-cart, which is helpful.
I had Shrimp Tempura roll, Unagi roll, spicy salmon and some mystery thing, which I think was tempura crab salad.
How much did I pay?
All told, $17.80 after taxes!

I’m now planning the rest of my meals so that I can eat sushi every night and still be under $38/day.
I think I just scrapped it today, but a lot of that was the room service breakfast. It was almost $13.
Still better than the $30 when I was in Australia, but it’s not a $13 meal by any stretch.
Maybe I’ll skimp out on lunch.

The sushi guys are going to know my by first name before the week is out ^_^

Also, on a non-sushi note, it looks like I might have Friday off to do, whatever.
That’ll be cool.


  1. anonymous

    I want cheap sushi too… 🙁

  2. anonymous

    BTW For some reason there is a package that appears to be a DVD for you at my place.

  3. sidekickca

    Maybe it’s mr Grandizer DVDs.

    But why your place? I thought I had changed all the paypal stuff…


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