homeward bound

Today is the last day in the land downunder.
It’s really too bad that I didn’t have more time outside of work to wander about. Mind you, I hear that Canberra isn’t that great a place for tourism.
Sure it’s the capitol, but it’s a city that was designed to be the capitol, so there’s not much here that isn’t government related.
I did see the Capitol House, and it looked neat from a distance, but that’s about it.

I had wanted to see the War Museum, but since it closes at 5 (as does much of the city) there was just no time.
If I had stayed in Sydney, I’m sure there would have been more for me to do.

And, if it wasn’t for the fact that I just got back from an expensive vacation, and bought a house, then I would have arranged to stay a few more days and flown back on the weekend.
Oh well, next time ^_^

This time I have the stupidly long flight right away, so I’ll probably feel like ass for the rest of the trip. Too bad.
Should probably buy a hat or something so that I don’t look too bad when I get off the plane.

I’ll write more in between flights.


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