I should be doing my Java homework, and I probably will….one day.
The way I see it, if I don’t, it means I get to learn something in the class. If I do my homework, then odds are I’ll be bored to tears.
I’ll probably be bored anyway. Not that it’s a boring subject, but it’s one that I’ve heard already. Sorta.
I could be wrong, it could be the most exciting thing in my life. But not likely.Tried an odd experiment with SimCity last night, had it run for 8 hours without intervention, and all that happened was a water problem in one part of the city, people complaining about taxes and 25 years went by. The population grew a little, but that was probably due to lack of water.I’m still waiting patiently for Mandrake 9 to show itself. They just released RC3 today, just after saying that RC2 was going to be the last. Guess they got a lot of feedback and decided to change some things. I suppose I can wait a little longer.
I think I’m going to set the other box up to server the web pages and share the net connection. That way I can fart around on this box without any disruption.I also found out that if I want to start my own business, then I have to get someone else to pay for the car. EI sees it as this; if you’re self-employed, then you’re employed and get no benefits. Even if you’re not making money. Bummer really.
So I’m going for plan B.
Plan B is a little sketchy right now, but it involves me coding up an app, getting Jim to help, then making him a reference on my resume. Jim doesn’t know about Plan B, but he will sooner or later.

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