Waiting for some tech guy to get back to me, so I thought I’d update.

Since Jim is away I decided to catch up on a few horror movies that I had been meaning to watch.
Besides, Jim’s “little girl screams” are rather distracting ^_^

The Eye – Hong Kong flick, very much like the 6th sense without the stupid twist. The movie dragged on a bit, but most asian films do, it’s a pacing thing. There were some really cool scary moments in this one, and some that were scary without trying to be scary, which is always cool.

Audition – Not nearly as graphic as some people let on. I liked it once it got going, but it took it’s sweet time getting there. Japanese pacing, it’s a killer.

Taking Lives – This was better than I thought it was going to be. Sure there was a fairly obvious twist, but not obvious all at the same time. The trailers did a decent “red herring” job on this one, but almost too good since you just knew it was too easy. Oh well, still nice, and had the added bonus of breastage ^_^

HellRaiser 2: Hellbound – This was so much worse than I thought it was going to be, and I was only going to watch it for the gore. But I have to admit the gore was cool. They don’t make movies like this anymore, people have become too weak stomached. There was this really good makeup job of a person without skin, the muscle detail was amazing, and she was all gooey just like you think a person without skin should be. All without the use of computer effects. They really should bring this kind of movie back.

So yea, that was my weekend. Still afraid of the dark.
But with good reason ^_^

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