SideKick like the Hulk!
SideKick liked it a lot I think.
SideKick liked it better than DareDevil.
Mind you, the main problem I had with DareDevil was that it was too short. The movie jumped around from scene to scene without a lot holding it all together. Not so true in the Hulk.
I admit, they probably could have cut it down a little, but overall it was awesome ^_^
The CG effects sorta ‘grow’ on ya…as it were…get it?…GROW….
Anyway it was well worth the money.
As always, Stan Lee made a quick appearance, but so did someone else.
And yes it was him, he’s not dead.I am starting to wonder though, with some of the new Marvel movies coming out, especially the ones Stan Lee didn’t start, will he make an appearance in them?
And will he finally show up in X-Men?Glad that this week is over. We had to have the product out for Beta on Monday come hell or high water. And it went out. I know that I won’t be working on the weekend. I worked enough this week.
But I do get a 5 day weekend in July, that’ll be sweet ^_^And I might go to Cuba in February. That all depends on when I need to pay for the trip and what happens between now and then. It would be cool to go, but I just don’t know if I can reasonably afford it.
Oh well, we’ll see.
I suppose if I cut down on the anime…no…that’ll never happen.
Should have just started smoking crack or something….would have been cheaper…


  1. Jeronimo

    Well, I played Bandminton with you, got a couple of welts, and drank. Thanks for asking.

  2. Olletho

    Hellllooooo….. where did the forum go?

  3. SideKick

    Oh, I’d write a bleek one.Everyone dies.That sort of thing.Mind you, I would write that ending to a romantic comedy as well….

  4. Darcy

    28 Days Later didn’t do much for me, but anyway…
    Out of curiosity, what ending would you have written?


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