I dunno

I so wanted this to be a really cool day.
And up to a point, it really really was.

Work was nothing special, but there was the anticipation about the new car.

Tara arrived at around 1:30 so we got to hang out while I waited for the car to be ready.
And finally, it was!

So we zoomed down to the dealer, I did all my papery work, and floored out of there.

It was awesome!
The car is great, and I’ll have pics tomorrow.

Then we headed down Merival to find a store, and headed down a mostly narrow road.
I moved over as far as I could, and so did he.
But it just wasn’t far enough.
I think I had skipped off some of the ice and banged into the guy.

10 minutes. That’s how long I had the car before I got into an accident. It has to be a record.

I was pissed. But really, I’m sure you would have been as well.
Anyone would have been.

But it wasn’t his fault, it wasn’t mine. It was an accident.
I suppose one of us could have yielded, but neither did.

Getting out of the car, I noticed a very small ding on the side panel.
But that’s it.
Nothing else.
Not even a paint scratch.

The noise really came from his car.

Oh yea, forgot to mention, I hit a VW Jetta TDI. What are the odds 😉

Anyway, his hub cap smashed, and that made most of the noise.

He was a nice old guy that I think works for, or owns, a garage. He can get the hub caps at cost.
There was some more damage to his turn signal and the front bumper looks like it has to be pushed back, but that’s it.
Not even paint damage on his car.

It could have been a lot worse. A LOT worse.

However, that did put me into a grumpy mood for the rest of the afternoon.
Poor Tara, having to put up with a grumpy me.
But she stood by me, trying her best to cheer me up.
And finally, it worked.

I’m better now.

Bitter at the world, sure, but that’s nothing new 🙂

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  1. flying_squirrel

    Well, at least it makes for a good story… (if that’s any consolation… ^^; )

    Glad there wasn’t any serious damage.


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