I just do Eyes

Had an eye appointment for the first time in 4 years. Didn’t think it had been that long but apparently so.

Anyway, he went throught the whole thing “Is 1 better, or 2? 1 or 2?” etc and it turns out that in 4 years my left eye has gotten a smidge worse.

To the point of not needing new glasses.

They also wanted to do an eyeball exam by dilating my pupils with some drops and taking a picture.

Here’s how that went:

“I’ll just place a drop in each eye”



“AHHHHHHHHH, it burns! It burns!”


“Oh still with the burning, why hasn’t it stopping?!?”

“Oh, I should have said it would sting a little…”

“Ya think!”

“Just close your eyes, it’ll stop the stinging”



And then it was over.

However, walking out to the car afterward was a little tricky as someone turned up the Gamma setting by a billion.

Gamers will get that joke, for everyone else; it was really bright outside.

Then my eyes were huge the rest of the day so I looked like I was on something 😉

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