I lied about lying….

Thanks to Darcy, I’m now digging the idea of PHP!
Just ran through a quick tutorial, installed it on the mochine, and now I can do away with frames.
That, and my site will be just as easy to maintain, which is a plus for me.
All that I’ll really be useing is a bunch of include statements, but it’s still PHP ^_^
Then I might jazz it up some….but later.
Now that it’s close to 4 in the morning, and my butt is getting numb, I think it’s time I sleep….or try to.
I’m actually excited about this PHP thing.

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  1. 09/24/2002 12:28 AM EST

    Yeah. PHP can do lots of crazy stuff, but even just using the includes makes it worthwhile. You can add other stuff later, if the urge hits.
    Which reminds me… I was going to work on a shared blog thing…


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