I lied

I’m not going to drop the frames for the next version.
Where as the work that’ll go into it to do the change-over isn’t so bad, it’s the maintence that I’d have to do to keep it that way that I’m not looking forward to.
For instence, the Pictures section. I’m always adding stuff there(well, maybe not ALWAYS) and I;d have to go to multiple pages to make the same change. Not something that I want to do.
Maybe for the next next version.


  1. aelfric lynxites

    Well so far it’s still useable in lynx but not necessarily beautiful.

  2. aelfric the tester

    Woohoo! Lookit ma, it’s got frames and everything! How exciting. Basically: yes it works just fine in Links. Not that you care. But you started this!

  3. SideKick

    You’re right, my concern about Lynx isn’t great, but I do worry about it for some reason.It’s good to know that it does work, but I’ll be changing it anyway. Any idea if Lynx supports PHP?


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