Just watched the first episode of Gundam Seed!
Subbed and everything!
Wow, some people work fast.Anyway, first impressions:
I LIKE IT! But that’s not hard to do.
It really smacks of the first episodes of the original and Zeta. The look is a very modern style, like Full Metal Panic, but the designs are very traditional.
I don’t think it’s going to be as serious a series as the some, but it’s not going to be as…ummmm…silly? as others.
So far:
-lots of action
-some interesting plot and character developments
-introduction to the idea that Newtypes(or their equivilant) are going to be in here somewhere
-NICE Mobile Suite designs, especially on the part of the Zaft(Zeon)
-The Federation(Part?) MS look alright so far, but didn’t see much of them, should still make for some interesting modelsAll in all, I liked it, but that was no surprise. I think I’m just happy to see it less than three weeks after it aired in Japan.
Ahhh the fansub culture, gotta love ’em. ^_^

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