I think I’m Learning Japanese….

Once again, I’ve signed up for a Japanese class.
It’s the same one I took before, but that was a few years ago, and I haven’t used it at all since then, so I don’t feel that going to a Level 2 class would make sense.
And at $200 a pop, it would be a costly mistake.

I think this time around I’ll try a little harder. You don’t fail the class since there are no tests, but I am paying money, so I might as well learn something.

I still remember a few phrases from the last class, but unless I need to know everyones phone number, it’s not going to be much use.

Other than that, it’s Thursday.

I used my new MasterCard today, don’t know why I had to share that, but I did.
And I think I’ll move the debt of the other cards onto this one, afterall, I get food points ^_^

I’ve been working on a new site design, and I should have it done by the end of the week, but I don’t think I’ll make it public until the end of the year.
I’ll be using it, but only me, this way I can see if I like it before I unlease it unto you. It looks nice in Photoshop, but that might be the only place ^_^

That being said, I might work on this little bloggy thing of mine, see if I can throw in some useful features. Not sure what kind yet, but I think I’ll explore PHP a little bit more.
That, and I might FINALLY make the link from this blog to the forum. I think a solid night should be enough to figure it out.

I’m on vacation next week, and I’ve given myself a task. I’m going to complete a Gundam model. And this time I mean both assembly and paint. Most of the time I stop at assembly and go on to the next one. This time I want to make it 100%. This probably means a trip to the hobby store for paint. And maybe some other tools. I’ll have to dig through what I have to see what I might need.
Should be fun.
This is the beast that I’ll be building.

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