I tried….really I did

I tried to use Frontpage, I tried to get used to it, I tried to like it.
I failed.
While I’m sure there are many things to like about FrontPage, the one thing that I can’t stand is the autoformatting of my HTML code. And the ability to have it NOT TURN OFF!
I couldn’t beleive it!
Here I am, entering in perfectly good inline style code, save it and click the preview tab. Looks nice, then I go back to the HTML tab, and ALL MY CODE IS CHANGED!
I was using the shorthand for background styles(perfectly legit, perfectly supported) and it spelled it all out, plus it added other elements that I didn’t even want there!
I thought to myself, ‘How annoying, I must turn this off.’
Hmmmm….none of the preferences mention this, must resort to help.
Hmmm….help isn’t much.
So I’ve determind that I can’t turn it off. I asked all the questions, looked in all the help, and for some reason it wants to spell out styles for me.
Sorry, can’t accept that.
I tried.
Really I did.But, that being said, if anyone knows HOW to do it, please let me know.
I have a feeling that I need to know this app for potential future jobs, but I just can’t stand it right now.


  1. matt

    Hey Bill!
    The option (in FP2000 and I suppose in FP2002) should be under page options.
    I use it at work (in fact I used that option today… turned it on to reformat an awful load of HTML churned out by an ASP.NET thing I’m working on… ).
    It’s there… I wish I could be a little more specific. (It’s although worth noting that you can continue to allow FP to do the reformatting, but specify how it should apply that formatting…)
    I still try to avoid the whole thing… but it’s not as evil as FP97/98(?).
    Try to avoid deleting a web (it used to remove all the files under it too… a bad thing for people who set up root webs on C:\ etc.).
    Good luck with ASP!

  2. w3aelfric the html hater

    Well I’ve been bitten in the arse by that one, usually when setting up frames stuff. Big Brother clearly knows best. But hey Mr Big Brother – I’m an oldest child. Fuggoff.Cheers,B.

  3. SideKick

    Hey Matt, I think I know the command of which you speak, something regarding Preserve existing HTML, and that’s the first thing that I tried. I’ve been all over Page Options and I just can’t seem to click the thing that makes it less stupid.And Ben, I still don’t know why you use it…..


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