I’ll be careful…I’ll be DEAD!

Just came back from seeing Kill Bill.
I’ve got to hand it to Tarantino, you never forget who made the film.
If it’s not the music, then it’s the imagry, if it’s not the imagry, then it’s the dialogue, if it’s not the dialogue, well, then we go back to the music.
Bu tI liked it, at least I think I did. I’m never to sure with his films, it usually takes a day to sink in, then I realize that I like it.
But one things for sure, he does make the real world look a little surreal afterward ^_^
A friend of mine mentioned that he was signing up for this novel writing thing, and it sounded interesting. In essence, the idea is to write a 50K word novel in November. That’s it, one month. Doesn’t have to be great, hell, doesn’t have to be good, the only thing it has to be is at least 50,000 words long.
It’s funny he mentioned this becuase for the past few years I’ve had this idea for a novel kicking around in my head, and this might be a good time to sort of flesh it out and just get it all down on paper.
I think I’m going to sign up right now and then see what happens.
It’ll be a neat experiment.
Sorry, sidetracked, just signed up.
I don’t know if I’ll go as far as posting the thing online, but I might set it up so that I can write it online. Might be convienent and the like.
Or not, since I might start doing it at work, and that would be bad.
But maybe I’ll do it on the work laptop ^_^

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