I’m a 1!

It’s performance review time again at work, and I just had a little sit-down with the boss.

For us, we get rated on a scale of 1-4.
4 basically means you’re fired.
3 is that you need to pull up your socks and get with the game plan.
2 is actually split up into two or three sub-categories since most people fall into the 2.
1 means you’ve saved the world from some kind of alien invasion.
Apparently I’ve been fighting aliens in my spare time.

Yes, I ranked a 1.
It was a complete and utter surprise as I felt my year maybe ranked a mid to high 2 at best.
In contrast; last year I got a mid 2, the year before that, a high 2.

The first year I was ‘ranked’ I asked my boss what it would take for me to get a 1, and he said that in the support world that was a little difficult, so I never thought about it again.
Sales and Developers can get 1s through much easier means. Us lackey support dudes have to do something spectacular.
I didn’t realize that going to Australia for 4 days counted as spectacular?
That’s not all mind you, he went on with a very glowing speech that I guess he had to pitch to upper management. They all agreed.
I’ve apparently made a name for myself. That makes me warm and fuzzy, and a little bit terrified all at the same time.

So there you have it.
With my new found fame and glory, I immediately waste work time and blog ^_^


  1. packetfire

    w00t! All those who get rated as #1 have to buy beer for us Stupids ™.

  2. sidekickca

    Stupids get nothing!

  3. olletho

    And wasn’t there something about all of France crashing?

    does this mean more monies?

  4. flying_squirrel


    I wish I could get good reviews for going on free trips to Australia…

  5. thinkschematwo


    Traveling the globe for a company out to be worth something! (You can see flying_squirrel and I differ on the matter… 🙂 )

    Still, flying around the planet can’t be the whole scoop, so double congrats on the hard work!

    Get back to blogg… er… work!

  6. sidekickca

    I had nothing to do with France, good or bad ^_^

    It’s probably going to be more monies, both in bonus and pay raise. I’m not guessing at how much yet, because that just leads to stupid purchases ^_^

  7. sidekickca

    It’s so worth it.
    Hell, where ever they want to send me, I’ll go. I’m a vacation/business trip whore!

  8. sidekickca

    It just didn’t feel like anything special during the actual year, but apparently I’m just blind to this kinda thing.

    My boss did have a rough year, and because of that a lot of duties were shifted to me. Not that I mind, as long as people are only paying attention to the good things ^_^

  9. packetfire

    In the public sector you get nothing for a glowing review. Mind you I do get a pay raise every year regardless of how well I do my job.

    Maybe that’s what’s wrong with Government…

  10. packetfire

    In fact, it’s almost as if they’re daring me, nay, REWARDING me for incompetence!

  11. sidekickca

    That is what’s wrong with the government, or at least the union that controls the government.
    Well, one of the things wrong with it anyway.

    You can at least feel comfortable in the fact that you’re not the only one being paid for incompetence.
    You should have a chat with the Health Canada people…
    They take it to a whole new level.


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