I’m back!

And no one noticed I was missing in the first place.
I did a complete computer transplant from one case to another, and that took the better part of a weekend.
Today I was having problems out the wazoo!
First off, I got everything into the case and the damn thing didn’t want to boot.
Unplugged everything, no problem. Plug it all back in, nadda. Start with one drive at a time, no problem. Then it turns out that one drive that I have set on slave seems to require the master to be a CD-ROM?! Whatever, it works.
Then I’m installing Linux and I see that the drive that has my web stuff and the swap is the same drive. I wanted to change that but I hadn’t backed up the web stuff, so I just installed Linux just to backup the web stuff.
The install went well. I was greeted with the login screen, and I logged in.
Then the Kernal panicked, and then I panicked. What went wrong. Bad install, right, no problem.
Login. Seems fine, no problems. OK, see if I can mount the network drive.
Kernal panic, I scream. Still a bad install? Sure, whatever.
Logi….Kernal Panic!
Something must be wrong.(I sais to myself). So I turn it off and examine the computer. Ever get the feeling you have no idea what you’re looking for? That’s what I did. Then I ripped it all apart and slapped it back together.
Wait…..wait…..no panic……Just in time for the Grey Cup(Edmonton lost).
Now it’s all working properly. And I’ll never do it again ^_^


  1. aelfric the bored

    I noticed. And yeah right you’ll never do it again – you’ll be ripping a system apart in mere moments. I know your kind.

  2. SideKick

    Funny you should say that. I completely re-installed the system just to make sure that I had the right libraries for the TV app. Figures. But it all works now ^_^


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