I’m not even supposed to be here today!

Apparently I’m not supposed to be here today.
See, at work we wear a pager, but because the company doesn’t give us extra pay for the pager, our kind manager has allowed us to take the following Friday off as a payment.
This works out nicely for me since there are only two of us on the team, and that means I get every other Friday off.
But I’m here today.
See, the way I figured it, I already had Monday off, and having a three day week just seemed kinda, cheap.
But it was still a surprise when I got here, so it looks like I was fully expected to take the day.
Maybe I’ll work hard this morning and take the afternoon off.
Not that I’d know what to do, but it just wouldn’t be at work, and that’s not bad at all ^_^

Maybe I’ll just go back to bed, I was sooooo tired this morning.
Seems that every other day is a tired morning. Well, as long as I can force myself to exercise in the morning where I’m not stupidly tired, then is should all be good.

I’ve been writing this entry for the past three hours now….

I think I’ll close it, I’m finally starting to wake up.

I don’t know if I can get the afternoon off, but I’ll try anyway ^_^

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