In Guelph again

Yea, I guess I just can’t stay away.
There is a purpose this time though, Job fair in Waterloo.
Job fairs always make me nervous, it’s like having a 5 hour interview, but only 20 minutes at a time and with different people all asking the same/different questions.
There is an added quirk to this one. It’s out of town, and I think I worry about GETTING a job. Figure that out. I whine and complain all the time about not having a job and wanting to get a job, I’m actually afraid of GETTING a job. Weird eh?
I think I’m just getting used to the idea of not having one, which is not a good thing.
I’ll probably feel this way until I get there, then be all cool about it.
OR, I’ll vomit and pass out in it.
Either or I guess…..


  1. Darcy

    Well, Waterloo isn’t *that* bad. ^_^

  2. aelfric tufnel

    Careful – they can’t dust for vomit.


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