Internal Clock

I think I’ve screwed up my internal clock a little more than I wanted to.
Currently it’s midnight, and I woke up about 2 hours ago.

Here’s the whole story.
Worked rather late last night, 2am. So I started at 6am, therefore up at 4am, and worked all the way to 2am.
Then I had to get up and back to work for 6am. Gah!
I only worked to 10am, where I was then dropped off at a shopping district, and wandered around for a little while.
Ya know, it’s rather hot in Australia. Who knew? ^_^
Anyway, the heat and lack of sleep started to get to me, and I wandered back to the hotel. Had a bath, and decided to have a ‘nap’.
8 hours later….

Yea, and I have to work tomorrow.
But on the upside, I think I have the afternoon off Tuesday, so I should be able to tour around a little bit. I’ve been told that the War Museum is rather cool, so I’ll pop into that.
Otherwise, I’m not sure what I’ll be doing.
Sleeping comes to mind ^_^

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