Internet Woes

le sigh, still without internet.

Well, I assume so at least, as I’m in the office.

Let me give you the rundown, see how stupid this all is.

  • got Primus(the company, not the band) to connect a real phone to the house
  • at the same time, the dry loop dsl went down
  • called Velcom tech support, they told me to contact sales to deal with that
  • called Sales the next day, they put in a request to Bell to add the DSL to my line, could take 5 business days
  • wait
  • wait
  • Call Bell Thursday, they don’t want anything to do with me as I’m going through a reseller
  • call Primus, they state that it should be resolved within 24 hours as apparently all they need to do is provide a line number or somethign
  • 22.5 hours later, call Primus again and they said that there was nothing left for them to do
  • Call Velcom support, there’s something wrong with the line, they put in an order with Bell
  • Call Sales again to see what’s what, they said that Bell said they can’t add DSL because there’s no slots left in the box
  • Dry loop is still there somewhere
  • Request was put in with Bell(before I called even) to see about converting Dry loop to normal DSL
  • This won’t happen because there’s a queue for internet on that box, so if the dry loop is removed, that slot could go to someone else
  • New slow *might* be available somewhere between a month to a year
  • Called Sales, told them to do nothing
  • Support still has a call out to see what’s up with the dry loop
  • Apparently Bell is still testing
  • Hatred for Bell, especially since I’m not even a customer, has gone to record heights

What I suspect happened is that, when the Bell dude came by last week to check why the line wasn’t working, did some funny business and buggered the whole thing up.

See, even when you leave Bell, you can’t really escape Bell.

And if you’re not a customer, Bell is in no rush to help you even though they’re the only people that can do anything about it.



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