OK, so I installed Mandrake without killing the /home drive because, well, that’s kinda easier.
But, with Mandrake, things are a little screwy at the best of times, and saving the /home actually made it a little more difficult to get things done.
That, and I wanted a kind of fresh install, so I backed up my e-mail, Bens site and my backgrounds, had to FTP them over to the Win box becuase Samba…well…was Samba, and killed /home.

I reinstalled, booted in, and wow, kinda looks nice. So I start the process of moving all the backups back, again through FTP because Samba is being a bitch, and untar the webpage.
It’s corrupt.
I try again, corrupt. I open it in Windows, all seems good.
I repack it as a RAR bacause ARK will open RARs, but as it turns out it won’t do anything with them.
So I do it again as a zip, and WOOT, it works.
One down.
Then the Forums. The tar file seems fine and all is good.

Then the e-mail. Corrupt. OK, we’ve played this before. Open it in Windows, repack…wait, it’s 150Megs and only one file? Which is 220K in size?
This makes no sense.
Try it with a few programs. Nope, dead.
OK, the backgrounds. Same thing.
Bens site?

Mind you, this is all at 1am last night, or this morning…so I was not Mr. Patient.

Funny thing though, it seems it wasn’t Samba being the jerk, because I used this kewl program called SMB Share Browser, and I could see ALL the windows drives. And copy from them. Made life nice and easy.
Actually, maybe Samba is still being s jerk, but at least I have a nice way around it.

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