It comes in Three’s

That’s how the saying goes, and I’m really, really, starting to believe that. Here’s my tale; get a beer and have a seat.

On the last day of my trip the US, Tara and I were going to have a little Skype session in the morning before I had to catch my plane. I got up a little early to make sure I was showered, shaved and generally looking my bestish. A few moments before we were supposed to start the call, I get a call from Tara. She tells me my parents are there(which is a little odd, but) and that the basement flooded.

Oh joy.

Seems that the washer didn’t stop filling with water, and Tara had started a load the night previous. So it had been filling all night, and therefore over flowed, and spread out into the basement. For those that haven’t been to our place, the basement is kinda divided into two sections(the furnace and water heater are pretty much in the middle of the basement). There’s the side with a bed and two exercise machines, and the other side with all the old baby clothes, my office stuff/toys, paintings, pictures, older books, paint supplies, electronics, and everything else we had stored down there.

Guess which side flooded. Yea.

So Tara and my family spend the bulk of the day moving stuff from one side to the other, and throwing out some old boxes that just got soaked. Oh, and renting a shop vac to suck up all the water. Then I get home(an hour late because of a storm) and Tara and I sort through some of the remaining stuff before we both pass out.

So that’s one.

If you hadn’t noticed(and lucky if you haven’t), most of Ontario has been in a heat wave for the past week. It’s been pretty manageable because of the AC, and it’s been getting reasonably cool at night so we didn’t have to run it 24/7. This reached it’s peek this past Thursday. It was supposed to get to 40 before the humidex, so Tara and I decided just to stick it out and stay in doors.

Throughout the day we notice that the temp is getting higher and higher inside. I remember someone mentioned that the AC will not cool the inside more than 10 degrees lower than the outside, so I was thinking that it was just getting bloody hot outside. I was wrong. Tara popped her head out doors and told me to come look at something. She looks at me and says, ‘should the fan be spinning?’. Yes, it should be. And no, it wasn’t. We figure this out after 5pm, after all the repair places have closed. Our option would be to call a 24/7 ‘emergency’ repair, and we didn’t really want to go that route.

So we packed up everything and headed to my parents nice cool house. They were away at the time and had no problem with us staying there. But Liam had a problem being there apparently, and just couldn’t sleep. The morning came too quick and we returned home to call someone. On the upside, they were able to come early(like 10am) and it was just a capacitor. Cheaper than it could have been. Much cheaper.

So that’s two.

Number three is kinda silly, but here it is. As I was going to start this post, I got an error stating that Live Writer couldn’t find iertutil.dll and I should reinstall. So I tried to uninstall, and then tried to repair the installation, and it said that sorted it. And I rebooted. Then it told me that Explorer couldn’t start because it couldn’t find another DLL.

So I find my XP CD and plop it in with the theory that I could do a repair. Well, the CD gives me a blue screen. Time and time again. I download Ubuntu(latest) and try that. The live CD portion doesn’t work. 10.4 did, so I do that, and download a copy of both DLLs and copy them into Windows.

It get’s past the first DLL error, then has a new problem with the other DLL.


Then, being the brilliant person that I am, I remember that there is one additional computer in the house that is running XP, and that’s the other work PC. I upload both DLLs, download them both in Ubuntu, and boom, it works.

So not as drastic as the other two, but it’s still a three.

Hopefully that count’s, and a real three doesn’t try to zoom in and replace it.

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