It’s all coming up Milhouse

Today is a good day.
I get notification that I’m getting a free PS2(ok, that was yesterday, but whatever)
I get my Bonus amount
Cent is selling me GH1 AND 2

If the day get’s any better, I should be on the lookout for run-away buses!

I’m also planning to do something with the ‘office’. Or Toy room, depending on how you look at it.

Right now the toys are on a pretty ratty shelf. It’s the basic wooden shelves from Ikea, the kind you would find in the basement/garage.
But the dust get’s on them, and the shelves aren’t really level. So it’s time to change that.
*Picture the current office*
I think I’ll move the desk kitty-corner across the room, facing the large wall.
I’ll paint that wall a brightish colour(red or something like it).
Get the same kind of shelving that I have for my DVDs, but glass shelves and no backing.
Some top and bottom lights. Glass doors. Also some of those cool wall mounted shelves that look like they’re part of the wall(for the cheaper stuff).
In my head it’ll look cool.
I have to go to Ikea to see if the pic in my head will work out the same as real life.
I think it’ll be close enough for me.

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