It’s Thursday

And that’s all I really have to offer.
Just in case someone was confused that it was still Wednesday, relax and rejoice, it’s really Thursday.

Which means that in two days Jim gets married.
Which meant that yesterday we should have tried on the tuxes. We didn’t, because they weren’t there apparently.
Seems part of the order got lost. The part of all the groomsmen that is.
Parker sorted it out though, he’s our hero!

And I have to go buy the ties and hankies today at lunch so that all the groomsmen look the same.
Mind you, if you’ve ever seen us, there’s really no chance of that 🙂

Tuesday was awful and a day I never want to repeat.
It was a Monday disguised as a terrible Tuesday, and that’s bad.

Today is good. It’s my Moms birthday, and I have her gift and everything.

Tomorrow should be good, new Indy film 🙂

Sunday should be spent sleeping.

My turtles showed up last night! And the box has a hand drawn pic of a turtle head!
I should really really start to work on the office again, and get those shelves up so that I can put my toys in there all proper like.

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