Tara had some reprieve from the hospital yesterday and I was able to take her home for a few hours.

I can’t help but think she really enjoyed the time away. We had a little pizza and alone time. It was really nice to be out of that tiny little room that’s shared with two other paitents.

We’re going to try again today, and really, I don’t expect much resistance. Tara hasn’t had a fever in a couple of days now and all other vitals seem to be stable. Baby is doing, well, whatever it is that babies do in there. The doctor that signed our leave of absence papers was in total agreement that a trip out was a good thing.

As Tara’s mother flies in today, it would be nice if she can be there to greet her at the airport. Not *in* the airport, as apparently my mother has forbade it. 😉

I also have the car seat clinic thingy today. It took all of two minutes to install the car seat. So I’ve either done it right or really really wrong. We’ll soon find out.

Then right after that it’s back to the hospital to give Tara some real lunch. The food there isn’t just not great, it’s pretty awful.

Anyway, off to make lunch and the check the car seat.


  1. ·

    I’m glad that Tara got some time out of the hospital. That really helps! After having Kaylee I only spent 30 hrs in the hospital, I was THAT desperate to get out! The food IS awful! I’m glad you are able to wisk her away every now and again. =)

  2. Jacquie, the evil Mother-in-Law

    Not really forbidding going to the airport, just think that there are a lot of people there, and regardless of where the meeting between mother and daughter occurs, there WILL be lots of tears! So perhaps better away from the madding crowds!

  3. Anonymous

    Hey Bill, if you would like help with the car seat let me know, as I have gone through the course and installed our seats about 100 times each


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